The realisation of an idea

Double-Acting Baler

The idea is impressively simple: 
In a conventional press, the compressions have to return to their initial position after each working cycle in order to pick up material. In the Double-Acting Baler, on the other hand, compression takes place parallel to the retraction of the cylinders in the opposing compression chamber. Since a press stroke is performed at any given time, there is no idling. This virtually doubles the production capacity. The Double-Acting Baler includes a double-acting first compression and two opposing compression chambers. Due to its constructional and procedural improvements, it achieves maximum efficiency. Light to medium-weight ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be processed into bales of variable density and dimensions. Areas of application are scrap facilities,

With their company, the founders aim to

Efficiency gains through technical progress

The realisation of an idea


The Shear- and Compacting Baler makes it possible for the very first time to process high-strength steel into bales. However, lighter material can also be cut and compacted into bales. Depending on the material to be processed, a choice can be made between two operating modes. To change the mode, the machine is easily converted in a short time.